Care Instructions

We only use quality materials in the making of Eden Zoe Jewellery. Precious metals - 14k Gold Filled, Rose Gold Filled and Sterling Silver. However, handmade jewellery can be delicate so a little extra care will go a long way to ensuring your pieces last a lifetime. Each piece is carefully and completely handmade with love.

Sterling Silver and occasionally, 14k Gold Fill can tarnish over time - sometimes quicker for some people than others, depending on skin and environmental factors. The best place to store your jewellery is in an air tight container or in a small plastic zip lock bag. This slows down the tarnishing process considerably.

Always remove your jewellery before bathing and swimming as salt water, chlorine, soap and perfumes can damage your fine jewellery.

To clean your jewellery, use a jewellery polishing cloth/pad or a gold or silver jewellery cleaning solution.

What is 14k Gold Filled and Rose Gold Filled?
14k Gold Filled and Rose Gold Filled is made from solid gold which is then filled with a base metal. Gold Filled wears just like solid gold as the solid gold is bonded on to the metal. Gold filled lasts just like solid gold does if cared for in the same way. It is not costume jewellery as the gold IS NOT PLATED and is made with precious metals only.

Enjoy your new Eden Zoe Jewellery!